, Hyatt Valencia Wedding | Santa Clarita Wedding Venues | Monica and Nate

I have to be honest, of all the Los Angeles Wedding Venues that we have photographed at, The Hyatt Regency Valenica in Santa Clarta is still our favorite.  The reason is simple, our style of photography focuses on good light, and it is abundant at The Hyatt.  When you combine an awesome venue, a GORGEOUS couple, and upscale, elegant decor, everything will come together like this.  As wedding photographers, sometimes things all line up, and when they do, it is time to take advantage of it.  

Monica and Nate are obviously in love.  In fact, they gave some of the most genuine expressions during the documentary portions of their day.  When I walked into the reception site, I couldn’t believe how amazing the decor looked.  Thank you Monica and Nate for allowing us to be a part of your day!!!